Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A School Shooting Response

By now everyone on campus, in the city of Memphis, and probably the entire country know of the incident which happened on Sunday evening. University of Memphis football player Taylor Bradford was shot and later died after crashing his car into a tree. Personally I didn't know him nor could I honestly verify I had ever seen him on campus for the short time I've been there. But there are a few things regarding this tragedy I just don't understand.
Why did the guy have so much money on him? I heard reports saying he had gone down to the casino prior. I also heard he was at a safety meeting. Either way why would he just be walking around on campus with that kind of money anyway? Some say the act was premeditated. How did the shooter know of this large some of money? Did he even know? Why did Bradford try to drive himself somewhere instead of making use of the numerous emergency posts on campus? How about a cell phone? If you have thousands of dollars in your pocket surely you must have one.
It's really sad that I can say this, but I'm not surprised something like this would happen. After all, we live in Memphis which is known for its high crime rate, bad drivers, and idiotic mayor. My boyfriend used to live in some apartments off of Spottswood and Highland. Incidents like this happen over there even more, that being only a block or two away off campus. The University of Memphis definitely isn't in the best area of town.
Now I think enrollment rates will drop because this is the third incident that has happened since classes began a mere six weeks ago. The people who already lived in Memphis are likely to stay because they are used to hearing about murders and the like. But as far as out-of-towners-- they probably fear for their lives. Memphis Police are so used to these incidents as well, so I'm wondering whether they will seriously be looking into this crime, or if they will just give up since cases as this are so abundant in the city. It is almost too easy to get away with murder in such a substantial area inhabited by over a million people.
I don't know if this had to do with a trip to the casino or if it dealt with drugs. Alongside Memphis's high crime rate come quite a few large drug smuggling operations. There have been relatively recent busts to prove this fact. To reiterate, not many people walk around with a couple thousand dollars on them and have somebody else know about it.
I hate the fact that life is so fragile. I know people who have been shot. They were fortunate enough to get through it a live to see another day. This whole shooting incident does make me a little uneasy, but I've been around guns pretty much every day these last few months. I think it's about time I learn how to use one for my own safety. I heard this was one of the safest campuses in the state of Tennessee. So much for that claim.........

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cmd9488 said...

I agree with you on what you were saying. There is no way we are the safest campus. At least it does not appear that way. I like how you asked so many questions. We need them to be answered. But then again there are alot of unanswered questions about this and many other topics here in Memphis, aren't there?