Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Prime Directive

One of the first writing elements I recognized in this essay was when the author mentioned a "darkening sky" on page 125. From this use of foreshadowing, it is apparent that the text will be serious in tone. Nonetheless, the author soon fools the reader when he brings up Halloween, a day known for both death and childish frivolity-- opposites placed together.
He also mentions to Star Trek as a war reference stating they should stay out of the affairs of alien nations. His wife is mentioned a few times as well. He misses her and feels like he should be with her, as do the Iraqui soldiers.
It is, after all Halloween, so the author and his buddy decided to party hop. This constant change of location refers to the way the soldiers are constantly being shuffled around in the arid climate overseas. Each "party" they attend is the same, as is each party.
The author has a hard time accepting how things should be versus how things are.

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