Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Tools of Writers, Esquire

This article in Esquire titled "Milkenize Me" is based on men's generally bad eating habits. The author, Cal Fussman, hopes to influence his readers to eat healthier by explaining his own mistakes and those of his parents. He uses Michael Milken as an aid for his health-conscious cause since his name is already so familiar and appeals to the business world.
The article is chronologically structured around the major events in Fussman's life and includes his choice of foods during these selected time periods. At first he is disappointed in the photo hanging on his wall which is a visual aid suggesting obesity. He tells how his mother has presently been diagnosed with cancer, a disease which Milken (the author's main inspiration) overcame. He also informs his readers of his father's poor eating habits--

"If you gave me a choice between living a few more years or eating good steaks, I say: Give me the steaks." (Esquire 100)

The tone the author displays is serious, vital, and straightforward. Eating healthy can potentially save your life, and your health is obviously nothing with which to play around. Fussman is attempting to tell his audience that getting in shape is possible. Since he's giving his own personal account, more of the audience can relate. He starts out the article saying he never believed in diets. The Buddy Diet failed him miserably, so he gave up all hope until the esteemed health nut Michael Milken told him that he can still eat what he wants--

"I've found that through creativity, I'm able to eat almost anything I desire." (Esquire 97)

What Milken meant by this was any foods a person longs for can be mimicked with a more nutritional but tantalizing alternative which will in turn enhance the body's immune system.
Words of diction such as fat, belly, Hagen Daas, and cancer offer a negative connotation while fruits, vegetables, exercise, and diet suggest the opposite. The voice Fussman is trying to get across is a healthier lifestyle is feasible for anybody willing to make the jump. You don't have to try painstaking diets or meticulously keep count of tiny, useless weight loss pills. It's just a matter of altering the dishes you desire all the while keeping the tastes you love.
Food is something every human being can relate to, so this article immediately grabs most readers' attention. It certainly caught my eye.


EJ Daniel said...

Milken seems like he's a really interesting person. You write really well. and the whole "if you gave me a choice between living a few more years or eating good steakes, i say: give me the steaks"..is funny yet creepy when given the context of the article.

RiCuS said...

I can honestly say that this is the best blog that I've read so far. Everything was pretty much perfect. The quotes were right in place! I think you have an amazing talent, and I can't wait to read more from you.

Wendy Sumner-Winter said...

Good job Jannica. You directly linked the words within the article to the meaning and intent of the author. Keep building on this.

Jonathan said...

This blog was perfect. I actually stayed focused and read it without allowing my mind to go to other places. Writing must be one of your natural talents. The quote about the steaks was kind of wierd, but it really is the mind frame that some people have when it comes to food. Hope to read more posts from you soon!

lshute said...

This is a very good blog and it definitely kept my attention. Especially because it was about food and i love eating but seriously this was a very well done blog.

R. Catherine Propst said...

This article sounds really interesting, or maybe you just make it sound interesting. I liked how you described the structure of the article, and kind of brought those of us who have not read it, through the article with you. You had good examples of diction in your blog to, I found that really hard to do, so I am impressed!

*cute pic too!* :)

aoski said...

You did a great job writing this blog. You did a nice job getting your point across and did it in an entertaining matter. Great quotes!!