Wednesday, November 14, 2007


LIST [i like] A
1- swimming
2- traveling
3- hoodies
4- whiskey
5- long necklaces
6- foreign cars
7- crocheting
8- texting
9- weather
10- sky
11- skateboarding
12- incense
13- exercise
14- splenda
15- gum
16- coffee
17- summertime
18- sleeping in
19- $
20- family/friends/boyfriend
21- singing
22- magic

LIST [i dislike] B
1- pricks
2- spoiled rich kids
3- pop music
4- sugar
5- carbonation
6- vodka
7- 8:00 classes
8- sexism
9- the prez
10- wars
11- memphis city schools
12- racism
13- gas prices
14- being robbed
15- popcorn
16- religion
17- temperatures below 40degrees
18- reading
19- Mississippi
20- excessive muggy days

A11 [is like] B8
Some people have sexist ideas about skateboarding. Although the number of male skaters far surpasses the number of female, this doesn't mean girls can't skate. It's also assumed that any girl who picks up skateboard is only doing it because her boyfriend does it or she just wants to seem cool; the first time she falls and busts her ass on the concrete she trashes her board never to return to the magical sport. Perhaps this was true back when skateboards first entered the world, but the number of females determined to skate is on the rise.

A4 [is not like] A5
Whiskey and long necklaces are not alike although I might misplace a necklace after drinking too much whiskey. I have liked them both for a long time and cannot decide which I favor more. Whiskey makes me talkative while my long necklaces sometime attract people to talk to me. The two mainly aren't alike because I began drinking long after I began wearing jewlery.

B5 [is like] B7
Carbonation is horrible for my skin and throat while 8:00 classes are horrible for my sleeping schedule. Here's a second comparison- Carbonation is in soft drinks. Most soft drinks contain caffeine. Without caffeine I wouldn't ever make it to my 8:00 classes. A shower usually wakes me up halfway, but a fat cup of coffee finishes the process.

Writing Commonalities
I have the ability to find a correlation between any two objects, activities, or beliefs. Although it's not necessarily a direct connection, in the end I can always relate them. It's much harder for me to describe how two unrelated things are different other than the obvious. This may be because I can find too many similarities which obstructs me from decifering their differences. I also like using big words. I like to sound intelligent. Eloquent vocabulary takes up space, but I always make sure I know what the words mean. Otherwise that defeats the purpose. Sometimes I have trouble elaborating for pages and pages. I can get jumpy in my essays as well. Oh wait, I'm doing it again.


jmconnll said...

you really can find the way any two things relate. Nice job relating cafine to your 8 o'clock classes. How did you get into skateboarding if not by a Boyfriend or trying to be cool?

cmd9488 said...

I agree with you that you can really find a commonality between two objects. I really saw the connections you were making, especially the skateboarding one. The caffeine and 8 o clock classes was a funny one, probably my favorite.

EJ Daniel said...

Whiskey and long necklaces are two very good things. I'm a fan of necklaces as well. I think it's REALLY funny thinking about drinking whiskey and then losing a necklace. It sounds like something I would do. I agree with much of what you've said.