Monday, November 5, 2007

Family Ritual

Every year my family comes together from all parts of the country for one reason--Halloween. It is only the best holiday of the year. Sure, Thanksgiving and Christmas are jolly and filling, but Halloween by far surpasses them both. There is a completely different mood around the end of October. Some find it creepy and evil, but my relatives cannot get enough of this fine particular fun-filled evening.

We all dress up and deck my grandparents' house in all the most outrageous decorations we can get our hands on--glow-in-the-dark spider webs, skeletons, zombies, spiders that chase you, crystal balls with talking heads inside, and fog machines. We definitely also have the festive thriller music and bowls choc full of gobs and gobs of sweet, sour, gooey, chewy, chocolately, nutty, minty, dilectable candies.

Since we do not get together around the remainder of the year's holidays, my family goes ahead and celebrates them on the thirty-first as well. The kids get all the candy their hearts so desire while the adults cheerfully booze it up near my grandparents' wet bar in the living room. Although turkey is not our main dish for our partial Thanksgiving dinner, everyone leaves so full that loosening their belts is a must. Since it is also a partial family Christmas, all members receive a few gifts in addition. The little ones get the most, of course. Everyone leaves happy.


Wendy Sumner-Winter said...

that's a cool idea, especially since trying to figure which grandparent to leave out on Thanksgiving or Christmas is always hard. just celebrate halloween!

cmd9488 said...

That is so cool. My family loves Halloween too but your family goes all out. Maybe I will suggest something like that for our get together next year. Thanks!